Hoops Challenge


1)  Send an email to:  aihoopschallenge@gmail.com to enter.  Employees and families of participating sponsors are not eligible.

2)  The first 68 emails received will be entered into the bracket.  


4)  Each of the 68 entrants will receive one (1) team via blind draw in the tournament bracket.  One entry per person.  Teams will be drawn on Tuesday, March 17, 2015.

5)  Games will be decided based on the point spread.  This will allow everyone an equal chance of advancing.  In other words, even if your team doesn't win the game, if they cover the spread you will "steal" the winning team from the person who had that team and that person will be eliminated.

HERE'S HOW IT WORKS:  Let's say KENTUCKY is playing EASTERN TENNESSEE STATE TECHNICAL INSTITUTE in the first round.  Bob has Kentlucky and Mary has E.T.S.T.I.  KENTUCKY is favored by 30 points (the point spread).  The final score in the game is 79-50 with Kentucky winning.  Due to the fact that Kentucky did not cover the 30 point spread, only winning by 29, Mary "steals" Kentucky from Bob.  So, Mary goes from having a #16 seed to having a #1 seed.  Obviously, if Kentucky won by 30 points or more, Bob would keep Kentucky and advance while Mary and E.T.S.T.I. would be eliminated. 

6)  Point spreads will be posted on this page prior to tip off of each game.  THE POSTED POINT SPREAD WILL BE USED.  Point spreads are known to change right before game time.  We will use the point spread for each game that is posted on this page.

7)  Advancing players will be posted on this page daily as games are completed.